After the Ten Series

Rolfing structural integration evaluates the structure of the body’s alignment and how that alignment affects the movement of that structure. This initial approach is broken up into ten separate structural sessions, which are commonly referred to as the Ten Series.

After the completion of the Ten Series, clients may feel the need for additional work because of the cumulative effect of habitual daily activities over time. Post Ten work is commonly broken into two categories, single session and the Three Series.

Single Session

A single session is often scheduled by the client to address a single issue that has arisen. This may be as simple as a recent strain or trauma that has adversely affected the client’s ability to function. This approach addresses minor issues so that clients can resume their daily activities.

Three Series

The Three Series is used to continue development of the themes that were addressed during the initial Rolfing series. As the body re-adjusts as a result of the Ten Series, new opportunities for re-balancing occur. Connection, movement and body awareness are often themes that are revisited while opening additional tissue restrictions.

Keeping with the whole-body Rolfing approach, a Three Series works to promote the connection of the whole body during the three sessions. Clients may select this series after a lengthy absence from Rolfing. A client might also feel that there is an area from previous work that is ready for continued integration with the rest of the body.