So we are a lot more about instinct and non-verbal communication than we realize. In the world of body-work and health care, a provider’s ability to pick up on that is essential to the success of the care - Matt has that sense. He also has what is referred to as “good hands” – you can tell he is confident yet focused, as well as gentle and kind in his care. This is not learned - Matt has a natural gift for this.

Nicole Duryea, Doctor of Chiropractic
President, Boulder Community Rowing


I have a new-found respect for Rolfing after finishing my first 10 sessions with Matt. I was pleasantly surprised by the extrodinary amount of attention-to-detail that went into each session. I look forward to working closely with Matt to give our clients that much needed edge towards a healthier and functional well-being.

James P.Urban D.C


I came to Matt with some hefty lower back issues - pain, reduced motion, numbness and tingling down my right leg into my toes. Traditional avenues of treatment (MRI, Ibuprofen, and doctor visits) had been little to no help. I had taken to regular massage and chiropractic treatments, but after months and months was no longer noticing any improvements in my condition. Even after the first Rolfing session, I began to feel a difference. Through the full 10 sessions, as well as Matt’s recommendations on exercises, stretches, and adjusting how I move and walk, I feel a world of difference. I no longer experience any numbness or tingling, I have flexibility that comes close to where I was before the start of the back pain, and the pain is gone. It’s an amazing difference that I had initially been told by a doctor would only be possible through surgery.”

Josh P.